Innovative survey approaches with quality built in
Questionnaire Design
  • Questionnaire design is both an art and a science

  • Team members with a key knowledge of the subject area help with the design

  • Specialists ensure the questionnaire is properly structured to achieve the study objectives

Map Production
  • Overview maps are produced to show the distribution of the sample so that fieldwork planning can be done

  • Area maps show the location of visiting points where the interviews are to be conducted 

Tracking Fieldwork

Real-time monitoring of fieldwork teams across Africa 

  • Accurate positioning of fieldworkers minute by minute

  • Recording key data in the field 

  • Keeping fieldworkers safe through SOS and fall detection

  • Detailed reports on all fieldwork activities 

  • Geo-fencing & geo-points ensure visiting points are reached

Analysis and Reporting
  • Data can be analysed using various techniques

  • Africascope believes that all survey data should be used

  • Reports should be simple to use so that effective decisions can be made

Special surveys & censuses

  • Censuses of local communities allow data on households & individuals to be collected

  • Audits of government services (eg health facilities & schools) facilitate monitoring & evaluation

  • Retail censuses have been done in several African countries by our partners

  • Our survey specializations include:

    • financial access​

    • small medium enterprises

    • demographic and health

    • livelihood

    • Citizen Report Cards

    • perception surveys

Key Partners in Research Surveys

  • AfricaScope manages and conducts quantitative and qualitative research surveys across Africa.

  • AfricaScope has established partnerships with key research organizations across Africa. 

  • Africascope has the capacity to rapidly implement nationally representative surveys.

Capacity Building

  • AfricaScope helps establish research capacity where it does not exist.

  • AfricaScope has capacitated a black empowerment fieldwork company to conduct fieldwork in Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland.


Technical Support

  • We provide technical support in the implementation of household surveys and developing spatial databases.

  • AfricaScope has provided technical support in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan and Thailand.

Quantitative Surveys

  • AfricaScope specializes in the sourcing of a reliable sampling frames, designing and drawing of samples, fieldwork map production, questionnaire development, overseeing fieldwork and data capture, data analysis and report writing.

  • We use the most innovative methods in rapidly capturing survey interviews and monitoring the fieldwork real-time.

Call Centre 

  • AfricaScope has access to a call centre that it uses to do quality control of its fieldwork.

  • The call centre is also used to assist conduct telephonic surveys throughout the South Africa and SADC.

Qualitative Research 

  • We conduct qualitative research (i.e. focus groups, key informant interviews and facilitated workshops) with our partners and associates using innovative methods that quantify responses with innovative methods.

Sample Frames

  • AfricaScope is experienced in developing unique sample frames for African countries by sourcing census and remote sensing data and integrating it into a spatial format.

  • Using a combination of statistical techniques, dwelling frames, mid-year estimates and satellite imagery, the sample frames can be updated annually.

Analysis and Report Writing

  • Our research team has extensive experience in analysing primary research data using various statistical and data mining techniques. We also have extensive experience in producing reports and summary statistics booklets.