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Value proposition

AfricaScope provides unique geospatial datasets for South Africa & Africa that assists companies and governments to make informed decisions about investing in African countries & optimizing the provision of services and outlets.


Africa Data

Comprehensive geospatial data for African countries:

  • Africa investment potential

  • Population and household data

  • Current demographic estimates

  • Income and employment

  • Economic data by sector

  • Government service points

South Africa Data
Detailed geospatial data for South Africa:

  • Annual population estimates by age and gender

  • Current individual and household income and employment data

  • Yearly crime statistics 

  • Annual Living Standard Measure (LSM) data

  • Annual municipal expenditure data

  • Data on government service

  • Current retail data

Surveys & Censuses
Innovative approaches to quantitative surveys, censuses and qualitative research:

  • Unique sampling frames and sample designs

  • Fieldwork mapping

  • Rapid data collection technologies

  • Real-time fieldwork monitoring

  • Quantifying qualitative research

  • Geospatial mapping of results