Retail & Service Location Optimization

Network Based Accessibility Modelling using a Diversity of Approaches to Identify Opportunities for Sustainable Expansion.

Network based accessibility modelling

This is the only approach that can optimally expand, relocate or reduce retail or service networks to ensure their financial viability. This is NOT a site feasibility or gap analysis - this a network based accessibility study that considers levels of demand and supply across a transport network to ensure the entire retail or service network is optimized. 

Defining the target market

Information on the target market or population needs to be developed specifically for different retail sectors or service types. It must be provided at the most detailed spatial level. Information on different population characteristics, individual & household income, consumer purchasing behaviour as well as expenditure in retail sectors are key datasets. 

Diversity of approaches and accessibility models

Greenfield and Brownfield approaches assist in deciding if the retail or service network should be expanded, reduced or relocated. Models are run that consider capacity in the target market or population, travel time/distance, existing service points and preferred sites in optimally locating retail or service points. Network based catchment areas are generated to allow further profiling of the area uniquely allocated to retail or service sites

Accessibility studies
  • AfricaScope is a leader in ACCESSIBILITY STUDIES and has written guidelines for optimizing government services for the South African government

  • AfricaScope is the leader in developing dealer networks in the motor industry in South Africa

  • Innovative Greenfield and Brownfield approaches let us determine if a service or retail network needs to be expanded, reduced or rationalized

  • With access to demand and supply data we are ideally situated to help companies with spatial analysis to optimize their retail networks

  • AfricaScope has innovated the use of trade area analysis to define average travel times of customers and their travel elasticity

  • Determining the financial viability and capacity of outlets and malls is key to understanding their optimum location and sustainability

  • AfricaScope works with its partners & associates to undertake accessibility studies in the public & private sectors.