Strategic Information  for Effective Decision-Making

Geovisualization of Data. Innovative Data Collection. Developing South Africa and Africa

Web Mapping

Providing access to some of the most innovative and comprehensive geospatial datasets in South Africa and Africa

Retail Census

With access to 150 000 formal and informal retail outlets for South Africa, we have access to the most comprehensive dataset of its kind. 

Shopping Malls

All shopping malls of different classifications have been mapped across South Africa. The unique catchment areas of each mall in the country has been defined and key socio-economic data linked to each.

General Household Surveys 2018

Unique mapping techniques are used to show the results of South Africa's 2018 General Household Survey (GHS). This approach provides a powerful technique to understand the spatial distribution of many variables from the 2018 GHS.

Research Survey Support

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and integrity in all aspects of research. We work together with clients to strengthen the integrity of their research by providing technical assistance and training in all research functions from sample design, fieldwork mapping, field training & monitoring to data collection and reporting services.

Geospatial Services

We source and provide unique and innovative geospatial datasets for South Africa and Africa. Ground breaking qualitative & quantitative methods are used to map information from household surveys. Specialist services are provided from spatial analysis to optimizing the location of retail outlets and government services.

Our Services


Mapping the Media & Advertising Product Survey (MAPS)

Maps is a modernised, updated and enhanced survey focused on Consumer Insights. Built on the legacy of AMPS, it includes product and brand research designed for marketers and media planners, which is independent of any commercial interests, is transparent and neutral. An additional enhancement and an industry first, is the introduction of GeoCoded Data, which empowers spatial analysis at a neighbourhood level.

Retail & Service Location Optimization

Allowing decision-makers to make better decisions in a simpler way

Expansion, relocation and reduction strategies are used to optimize retail and service networks. Unique target markets or populations are defined at the most detailed spatial level for South Africa and Africa. Accessibility models use capacity and travel time, existing and competitor facilities and preferred sites in determining the optimum retail or service network.