Profile & understand the consumerS of SA’s shopping Malls

 More than 1 500 Shopping Malls mapped!

  • Comprehensive data for over 1 500 shopping malls across South Africa including: 

  • Trade area data:

    • demographic profile of shoppers (Age, Gender, Race)

    • Income profiles

    • LSM Profiles

  • Shopping mall data:​

    • Address (physical and postal)

    • Mall Classification (e.g. major / minor regional, Neighborhood, etc.)

    • GLA Retail (m²)

    • Number of shops

    • Anchor tenants

    • Foot traffic (where available)

    • Total parking

    • Owner / Developer / Contact details

Who would benefit from the Shopping Mall & Trade area data?

  • Developers: critical understanding of areas of over-supply and optimal areas for future development

  • Retailers/Brands: ideal for understanding the competitive landscape, shopper profiles, optimisation of physical retail network.  In addition this data can add depth to localized media, marketing strategies and merchandise/menu offerings

  • Government: Understanding the social needs of a trade area will empower Government to provide relevant integrated service centres within the mall space, particularly in non metro area

  • Economic Development: The provision of shopping centers in rural towns is potentially a means of providing a catalyst to economic development as people are able to get employment, purchase goods and services and possibly access government services

  • Spatial format of shopping mall data allows for layering of any AfricaScope data, as well as in-house data such as sales data, thus creating a powerful understanding between characteristic of trade area vs turnover and/or profitability of malls & stores

View of Demo data

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