SA Crime Profiles 2018/19 

Providing citizens and businesses with the most COMPREHENSIVE crime statistics at police station level for South Africa

SA Crime Profiles at Police Station level


  • SA Crime Profiles provides 2018/19 statistics for 29 crimes at a police station level for the whole of South Africa that is updated annually.

  • Our free to view Demo Data shows the actual numbers of crime per police station

Demo Data at Police Station level

  • Want to know how many crimes were committed in your police station area?

  • Want to know the risks that your businesses faces from crime?

  • Our Demo Data allows you to do the following:

    • Search for your police station and get statistics on the number of crimes committed​

    • Create colour maps of different crime types to see how your police station compares to neighbouring stations

    • View multiple statistics for police stations as charts and tables

    • Filter data to analyse the characteristics of crime in your area.

View of Demo data

  • View the Demo data and call us to see how we can provide variables of interest to you.

Why invest in Crime Profile data?

  • SA Crime Profiles provides a comprehensive picture of crime risk in SA

  • Crimes are divided into 3 main categories: Property, Social Fabric and Violent Crimes

  • Statistics are available annually from 1994 to 2019 (25 years).

  • What makes this data special is that it includes multiple indicators including:

  • Ratios per 100 000 population

  • National averages of 29 crimes at police station level

  • Year-on-year and long terms trends from 1994 to 2019

  • Spatial boundaries of all police stations

  • Empowers a strategic view of how crime impacts business strategy, risk planning, optimising business locations

  • Viewed in a  spatial format allows data to be integrated with other socio-economic datasets such as the population statistics, LSM, poverty, GGP, media footprints, category / brand engagement (MAPS Data) or clients bespoke data such as insurance premiums, or location of brokers or offices or competitors locations

Commercial Crime Profile data

  • Want access to our Commercial Crime Profile data? Call us to see how we can help you 

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