Celebrate Africa Day by Really Knowing Africa

Information for Africa and about Africa

Over the past decade AfricaScope has participated in some of the most important studies undertaken in South Africa and on the African continent. Through these experiences we have built a sound knowledge and understanding of the continent, and how things work in Africa.

In Malawi we conducted a national attitudinal survey of people's perceptions to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersexed (LGBTI) community. This was the second survey of its kind in Africa following on from the study done in South Africa. A study done on remittance transfers by Zimbabweans living in Botswana to Zimbabwe used unique methods to quantify the qualitative data collected from focus groups done in the major urban centres of Gaborone, Francistown, Maung & Lobatse.

AfricaScope has a team of professional marketers, market researchers, GIS specialists and analysts, planners and demographers that advise on the implementation of studies and the launch of numerous products and services. We supplement our capacity by forming partnerships with key organizations and with individuals in specific fields.

Our extensive network of reliable professionals have enabled us to guide clients through many pitfalls that lie in wait when establishing a presence on the continent. We do this by providing clients with important strategic information in order to make correct and effective decisions.

AfricaScope has developed innovative information products and visualization tools for numerous markets ranging from fast moving consumer goods to the automotive industry, retail outlet optimization and service delivery on behalf of the public sector.

We specialize in providing data on Africa's investment potential at a country level thereby allowing a strategic case to be developed for investment on the content.

Africa Rising - this information is foundational to ensure Africa's development. Africa has many challenges that will continue to impact the global economy but it is a new frontier that promises to provide the greatest return on investment of all continents.

To holistically addressing Africa’s future economic growth requires access to current information & especially geospatial data to target countries and interventions.

Information on the population size, demographic & socio-economic character and income at the most detailed level is key to targeting service delivery & market development.

Data is not easily available but AfricaScope has over many years sourced & developed these datasets using innovative methods.

Income is a key dataset needed to optimize the provision of retail outlets, services and products. Income also defines levels of poverty so that governments can target impoverished communities and enable more effective decision making.

This information in combination with other key datasets (eg Gross Geographic Product (GGP), roads & streets, government services, retail outlets & shopping malls are some of the key datasets needed for Africa to Rise.

AfricaScope celebrates Africa Day on the 25 May, believing in the future of this beautiful continent with its diversity of people and human and natural resource potential; knowing that to fully benefit requires access to information to develop and encourage investment on the continent.

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