South Africa’s Population - A Fundamental Geospatial Dataset.

EE Publishers recently published information on the 2018 demographic estimates that AfricaScope updates on an annual basis. What is also important to emphasize is that demographic estimates is one of South Africa's fundamental geospatial datasets. Not only South Africa but any country in Africa or elsewhere in the world.

Many of the State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) need to have demographic data to plan and budget for new infrastructure. Private sector organizations use the data for locating outlets and defining the size of their retail territories. The problem is that this data is not available in easy to access and use formats for the GIS community in South Africa. AfricaScope South Africa has now updated the population statistics data to 2018 values at an enumeration area level for South Africa and has been doing so since 1994.

The population statistics can be obtained from AfricaScope SA in all major GIS file formats. In coming months, people will also be able to subscribe to a web mapping service, if they don’t have their own GIS software. Although the population statistics are one of the most important fundamental geospatial datasets, other complimentary datasets provided by Africascope SA includes individual and household income, crime statistics and Living Standard Measures (LSM). Other datasets can be generated from a number of different sources to meet the specific needs of the GIS community, government departments and the private sector.