Understanding remittances from Botswana to Zimbabwe

AfricaScope undertook a study aimed at understanding the channels, volumes and frequency of remittances by Zimbabweans living in Botswana on behalf of FinMark Trust.

Cross-border remittances, defined as “money sent home” are an important source of income for families of migrant workers throughout the world and often represent a substantial inflow of funds for the developing countries on a macro level. Most of these remittances take place using the informal channels and as a result little reliable data exists to measure the values and volumes of cross-border remittances between SADC Countries

The overall objective of the study is to understand the informal and formal remittance corridors of Botswana to Zimbabwe in terms of volumes and values involved; the level of informality; the regulatory environment; the products currently available in the remittance markets and their pricing. Special attention should also be given to systematic constraints at the first, middle and last mile to the formalization of remittances.