Highlighted Publications


AfricaScope understands the value of producing publications that summarize findings so that decision makers can easily access information for policy and strategic purposes. We pride ourselves in the publications we have produced as well as those of our associated.

Africa Investment Attractiveness 2017- Building a Strategic Case for Africa

  • Africa Rising - Information is foundational to ensure Africa’s future development

  • Africa’s challenges - Africa’s challenges will continue to impact the global economy

  • Africa the new frontier - Greatest return on investment of all continents

  • Holistically addressing Africa’s future economic growth - Current geospatial data is needed to target countries and interventions

African Income Data - Improves targeting of your customers

  • Income is key to targeting markets - data is easily available

  • Income at local administrative levels - needed to plan services and products

  • Income needed to plan retail networks - defines capacity needed to sustain retail networks

  • Income defines levels of poverty - governments can target impoverished communities

  • Income data enables effective decision making

Census Data for African Countries

  • Sub-district population data - detailed census data enables detailed planning

  • Age and gender profiles - - detailed age and gender data for strategic planning

  • Individual and household income - provided by income category or as averages

  • Wealth and poverty mapping - shows the distribution of wealthy and poor households

  • Current population estimates - implementing strategic plans requires up-to-date demographics

  • Develop in partnership with national partners, national statistical offices & multilateral organizations

Gross Geographic Product (GGP) - Mapping Africa's Local Economy

  • Mapping the local economy of African countries - GGP defines local economic potential

  • Africa the new frontier - greatest return on investment of all continents

  • Holistically harnessing Africa's economic potential - GGP is needed to target areas with investment

  • Prioritizing the key economies - our country focus in Africa 

Optimizing Service and Retail Networks - Tools to Guide your Network Development

  • South Africa's retail sector is saturating - Determine the optimum size and location of your retail network

  • Governments require departments to optimize their service points - Determine how many public services of different types are needed

  • Network optimization is key - use Expansion, Reduction & Relocation models 

  • A comprehensive approach to network development - AfricaScope provides the tools

SA Living Standard Measures 2016 - Showing Changing Consumer Patterns

  • Target your customers - Detailed mapping of all LSMs classes & dominant LSM

  • A universal index of wealth - LSMs an industry standard

  • Current & detailed LSM data for SA - LSM data at the most detailed level

  • The most comprehensive LSM data of its kind

SA Demographic Estimates 2017 - Key to Business and Government Planning

  • Total population by age, race & gender

  • Allows better planning of public & private facilities

  • Used to design better & more representative surveys

  • Comprehensive & current demographic data for SA

  • Add to the demographic variables other indices

  • Developed with one of South Africa's leading demographers

SA Income Data 2016 - Critical in targeting your customers

  • Total & percentage individual and household income for 2016

  • Most important layer for doing retail network studies

  • Key to understanding spending power of consumers

  • Invaluable in looking at market potential & retail expenditure

Understanding remittances from Botswana

Guidelines for improving geographic access to government service points

Book · January 2011

DOI: 10.13140/2.1.4805.0884
Edition: 1st, Publisher: Dept of Public Service and Administration, Editor: Trevor Holdsworth

Co-author: Craig Schwabe

FinScope MSME Lesotho 2015

Book · 2015

Edition: 1st, Publisher: FinMark Trust

Co-author: Bob Currin

FinScope Consumer Survey Democratic Republic of Congo 2014

Booklet · 2014

Edition: 1st, Publisher: FinMark Trust

Co-author: Bob Currin

Determination of fundamental datasets for Africa

Book · September 2007

Edition: 1st, Publisher: Economic Commission for Africa

Co-authors: Craig Schwabe, Sives Govender & Jacob Gyamfi-Aidoo

Using the 2001 Census: Approaches to analysing data

Book · January 2007

Edition: 1st, Publisher: Statistics South Africa, Editor: Statistics South Africa & Human Sciences Research Council

ISBN: 978-0-621-37259-5

Co-author: Craig Schwabe

The South African Crime Atlas 2014/15

Book · 2016

Edition: 1st, Publisher: AfricaScope Editor: Chris De Kock & Craig Schwabe

Co-authors: Chris De Kock, Craig Schwabe & Bob Currin

Understanding remittances from Botswana to Zimbabwe

Book · 2018

Edition: 1st, Publisher: FinMark Trust

Authors: Bob Currin, Nedson Pophiwa & Michael O’Donovan