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AfricaScope is a company that has its origins in South Africa. We have developed many of our products and services for the South African market. Our passion for Africa now allows us to transfer this knowledge and skill to other African countries. Each time we operate in an African country we learn something new.

Administrative boundaries and geographical places

Geospatial data can be provided for all the administrative areas and geographical places in South Africa

  • AfricaScope provides all administrative boundaries all South Africa from enumeration areas to provincial boundaries 

  • Some of the administrative boundaries are unique (eg licensing districts, police precincts, magisterial districts)

  • Administrative boundaries are obtained from official sources

  • Administrative boundaries can be created from administrative and other boundaries

  • All our geospatial can be aggregated to these administrative boundaries 

Building statistics

The most unique and valuable geospatial dataset in recent years

  • AfricaScope provides Statistics South Africa's building statistics at a local municipality level

  • Data includes number, size and value of all completed building plans for residential and non-residential buildings as well as alterations/additions

  • Residential buildings include houses, flats, townhouses and other types of buildings

  • Non-residential buildings include offices, banks, shopping malls, industrial and warehouses, schools & hospitals, religious, sport & recreation buildings

  • Alterations and additions to residential and non-residential as well as internal alterations are provided

  • An invaluable database to look at economic growth, demographic changes, insurance and DIY 

Commercial, industrial and mining areas

Commercial and industrial areas are the centre of economic development in South Africa

  • Commercial and industrial areas come from a number of sources

  • All our geospatial data can be aggregated to these boundaries 

  • Gross Geographic Data can be disaggregated to these boundaries

  • Information on the size of the daytime population can also be provided

  • Data on the number and size of buildings can be provided

Crime Profiles

South Africans have a right to feel safe

  • Provided with the latest police station boundaries and crime statistics for South Africa

  • Crime statistics are invaluable for businesses, security companies, insurance industry & citizens

  • Statistics are provided as raw numbers, ratios (ie crimes per 100 000 population), short and long term trends, national averages for all crimes & composite indices

  • Data is provided in GIS file formats, Spatial Reader files and as an atlas

  • Africascope provides consultancy services to analyse the crime statistics for clients

Daytime or working population

Both working & residential populations are important in location government services & retail outlets

  • Censuses are used to measure the residential or night time population

  • Special household surveys measure the working or daytime population

  • Africascope is the first company to have conceptualized and developed a daytime population for South Africa.

  • Other socio-economic and travel behaviour of the daytime population can be provided

Demographic estimates

Key to business and government planning

  • AfricaScope has developed demographic estimates for South Africa at the enumeration area level since 2004

  • Statistical techniques combined with secondary datasets are used to make the estimates

  • Variables include total households and total population by age race and gender

  • Other variables than can be provided include employment, education, language and dwelling types

Consumer data for South Africa

Consumer data for the whole of South Africa

  • Partnering with the South African Market Research Foundation, AfricaScope will provide in 2019 the most comprehensive consumer database at the most detailed level for South Africa

  • Consumer data includes spend on products purchased from different retail chains

  • Many other variables can be provided including frequency of spend, distance traveled, consumer life stages and media preferences.

  • Data can be accessed in an easy to use geovisualization software. 

Income - individual & household

People’s income is key to providing retail services

  • AfricaScope has access to individual and household income data

  • Other variables that are linked to the income data are employment & education

  • Household survey data is used to provide the data at the most detailed level

  • Income data provided by Africascope has been used to identify the dealer networks for a number of major motor manufacturer in South Africa

Living Standard Measures (LSM)

LSM's continue to show the changing wealth landscape in South Africa

  • Data includes the percentage and number of households in LSM classes and the dominant LSM

  • Provides a continuum of wealth and shows how differences within provinces and how South Africa's wealth profile is changing

  • AfricaScope has developed LSM estimates at an enumeration area level for South Africa since 2004

  • LSM data is  provided at the enumeration area and other administrative levels