Recent Clients



AVBOB is Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society and has been existence for 101 years since its beginnings in 1918. The company has 6 million policy holders & services them through its funeral agencies, insurance offices and its provincial offices. AfricaScope assisted AVBOB in developing a strategy for optimally locating their            funeral and insurance offices  throughout South Africa. This was done considering       economic & market trends, consumer       behaviour & competitor analysis. 

Evidence Based Solutions


Is a Cape Town based company led by Prof Olive Shisana that conducts evidence based research for policy makers in improving health systems & providing universal health coverage. EBS uses technology to enable it to conduct its evidence based research.  

Our Clients

  • BMW Motor Corporation

  • Cold Tech

  • Committee for Spatial Information

  • Department of Public Service and Administration (dpsa)

  • Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

  • Development Bank of Southern Africa

  • DFID

  • Epicentre


  • Fiat Motor Corporation

  • FinMark Trust (in various African countries)

  • Frontline Market Research

  • Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

  • ICF International

  • Impala Platinum

  • Independent Communication Authority for South Africa (ICASA)

  • Iveco Motor Corporation

  • MapStudio

  • Mazda Motor Corporation

  • Mercedes Benz South Africa

  • McDonalds South Africa

  • Microfinance industry

  • National Spatial Information Framework (NSIF)

  • National Treasury

  • Nissan South Africa

  • Other Foundation

  • Primedia

  • Public Service Commission

  • Royal Bafokeng Administration

  • South African Cities Network (SACN)

  • South African Revenue Service

  • Spatial Technologies

  • Standard Bank

  • Statistics South Africa

  • The Other Foundation 

  • TomTom

  • Tshwane Metropole

  • United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

  • United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


  • World Bank

  • World Food Programme

  • World Health Organisation

Our Projects

Market Network Expansion Strategy

Client: McDonald's South Africa

In partnership with Cold Tech, Africascope conducted an accessibility study for McDonald's South Africa. The primary purpose was to expand their restaurant network and provide a prioritized list of where new restaurants should be located. 

Understanding the remittances from Botswana to Zimbabwe

Client: FinMark Trust

The objective of the study was to build a picture of the Zimbabwe migrant population in Botswana. More specifically it was about determining the remittance behaviour of Zimbabwe migrants living in Botswana. A key output was estimating the total value of remittances frtom Botswana to Zimbabwe.

Conduct a national attitudinal survey in Malawi

Client: The Other Foundation

Africascope assisted the Other Foundation to implement a nationally representative survey of the general population in Malawi looking at attitudes, understanding and experiences of the general population to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Citizen Perceptions of safety in high crime areas in Gauteng province

Client: Sedibeng sa Tsebo and the Gauteng Department of Community Safety

A survey of 3 600 citizens in the 40 high crime precincts of Gauteng province, South Africa was done. The study researched the perceptions of citizens to safety, experiences of crime, sexual offenses, safety measures, liquor outlets, police visibility, satisfaction with police services, substance abuse, pedestrian safety, community safety initiatives, CCTV and disturbances in precincts. Key conclusions and recommendations that still have to be implemented in the province.

Tuberculosis in the Mining Sector (TIMS) - Regional Mapping Study

Client: TomTom and the WITS Health Consortium

Sourced data on health facilities and census data in 10 countries including: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Conducted health facility audits of 50 clinics in each of the 10 countries.

Safeguard Young People (SYP) in Southern Africa Programme - Baseline Study

Client: ICF International and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Involved in conducting quantitative surveys in Botswana and South Africa and qualitative research (focus groups, in-depth interviews and key informant interviews) in 8 countries including: Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland.

Lesotho Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise Survey

Client: FinMark Trust

Involved visiting 336 enumeration area and 2182 interviews with MSME entities in Lesotho. The focus of the study was on determining the number and financial character of MSME’s in Lesotho.

Ntshegetse Census Project

Client: The Royal Bafokeng Administration

Conducted in the Royal Bafokeng Nation, a census of 50 000 households was conducted, which took place in 30 villages to collect information on indigent, child headed and impoverished households.

South African 2016 Municipal Elections Exit Poll

Client: Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

Provided rapid data capture technologies to fieldworkers stationed at 300 voting stations across South Africa. Technical support and data management had also been conducted.

FinScope DRC

Client: FinMark Trust 

A survey of 7 000 households were interviewed across the study area, which were areas that were accessible and were not conflict areas. Using satellite imagery, the size and distribution of the population was determined and used as the sample frame for drawing the sample. Selected areas were mapped and the areas listed before households were systematically selected to form part of the survey.

Accessibility Modelling & Catchment Area Analysis of Malls in South Africa

Client: Primedia Unlimited Malls

The primary and secondary catchment areas of 69 malls across South Africa were developed using accessibility modelling. A number of geospatial datasets were integrated and data for the catchment areas extracted.

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Brands Dealer Footprint Study

Client: Mercedes Benz

An accessibility study was done of Mercedes-Benz commercial dealer network. The study took into consideration actual travel times of customers and dealer capacities needed to ensure their financial viability. Once the dealer network was defined a catchment areas analysis was done. The sales performance of each dealer was determined and a set of maps produced for Mercedes-Benz

Geomarketing data for South Africa and SADC countries

Client: Iveco

The project involved mapping all the truck dealers in SADC. Where available the passenger and used car dealers were also mapped. The purpose of the exercise was to undertake a geospatial gap analysis. As truck dealers and their customers are located in industrial areas, these were mapped in the 10 countries as were the commercial areas. Data on all mines (as potential clients) and data on sales projections were also collected for SADC countries.


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